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Faculty of Tourism, Support Office for Tourism Education and Practice

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Project Assistant Professor

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  • 2016

    Wakayama University   大学院観光学研究科   博士後期課程  

  • 2014

    Wakayama University   大学院観光学研究科   博士前期課程  

  • 2010

    Wakayama University   Faculty of Tourism   Department of Regional Regeneration  

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  • 博士(観光学)   2019

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  • 2018.04

    Wakayama University   観光学部 観光実践教育サポートオフィス   特任助教

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  • 2020.02


  • 2018.06


  • 2017.04


  • 2014.04


  • 2014


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  • Humanities & social sciences / Agricultural and food economics

  • Humanities & social sciences / Local studies

  • Environmental science/Agricultural science / Agricultural sociology

  • Humanities & social sciences / Tourism studies


Classes (including Experimental Classes, Seminars, Graduation Thesis Guidance, Graduation Research, and Topical Research) 【 display / non-display

  • 2019   Field Work in Minami-Shinshu and Iida Area E   Specialized Subjects
  • 2019   Tourism in Wakayama   Specialized Subjects

Research Interests 【 display / non-display

  • 農村社会学

  • 農業経済学

  • 観光学

  • ソーシャル・キャピタル

  • 都市農村交流

Published Papers 【 display / non-display

  • The Significance of Securing Dairy Farming Helpers in Farming Management : A Case Study of a Dairy Farming Helper System in the Tankou Area

    稲葉 修武, 藤井 至, 藤田 武弘

    農業市場研究 = Agricultural marketing journal of Japan ( 日本農業市場学会 ; 1992- )  27 ( 4 ) 53 - 59   2019.03  [Refereed]

  • Current Situations and Future Issues of Social Capital Research

    藤井 至 (Part: Lead author, Corresponding author )

    観光学 ( 和歌山大学観光学会 )  ( 20 ) 39 - 45   2019.03  [Refereed]

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    This paper focuses on Social Capital defined by researches and research institutions. Based on these definitions, Social Capital researches are classified from the perspective that component researchers focus to define. Three components of Social Capital include trust, network, and reciprocity. Following the above, future problems about Social Capital research are discussed. The remaining major problems are summarized by the following two points. First, the implementation of research that has both a theoretical and empirical point of view. Second, the consideration of Social Capital measuring index and analytical method for empirical analyses. Social Capital research in Japan is later developed in comparison with foreign research. Further accumulated research about Social Capital will be required.


  • The Role of Community Gardens from both Agronomy and Interaction Aspects : A Case Study of Community Gardens in Nerima, Tokyo

    藤井 至, 稲葉 修武, 藤田 武弘 (Part: Lead author, Corresponding author )

    農業市場研究 = Agricultural marketing journal of Japan ( 日本農業市場学会 ; 1992- )  27 ( 1 ) 12 - 22   2018.06  [Refereed]

  • Significance and Roles of Urban-rural Exchange Programs on Securing Farmers and Actors of Farming Areas : A Case Study of Working Holiday in Rural Area

    貫田 理紗, 藤井 至, 藤田 武弘

    農業市場研究 = Agricultural marketing journal of Japan ( 日本農業市場学会 ; 1992- )  26 ( 1 ) 65 - 71   2017.06  [Refereed]

  • Change of Local Communities by Working Holiday University and Local Community Cooperation and Social Capital

    FUJII Itaru, FUJITA Takehiro (Part: Lead author, Corresponding author )

    Agricultural marketing journal of Japan ( THE AGRICULTURAL MARKETING SOCIETY OF JAPAN )  24 ( 1 ) 41 - 47   2015.06  [Refereed]

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    Depopulation and Population Ageing in Japanese rural area are seriously progressing. In response, the concept of 'Social Capital (SC)' is attracting attention as the new means of facing these problems. The importance of SC is found in its potential for developing effects of the life of people and economy. Among of urban-rural exchange, 'Working Holiday in rural area (WH)' also carries out important tasks. WH means giving lodging and meals for city dwellers for free in exchange for working on a farm during busy seasons. It is said that farmers can get many opportunities to reappraise the value of their area seen through city dwellers eyes as compared to another urban-rural exchange on the basis of sharing time with the visitors, the so-called 'Mirror Effect' of WH. Therefore, this article conducted analysis of change of local communities from the point of view of SC using two questionnaire surveys and examples of WH in Tankou area, Iwate Prefecture, Japan. As a conclusion, four changes of local communities are confirmed as 'Mirror Effect' of WH. First, the potential of accumulating of SC in area and, second, vitalization of local communities. Third, expansion of new community activities and, finally, a reappraisal of the value of agriculture and rural area.

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Books etc 【 display / non-display

  • 和歌山県農業展開史Ⅱ

    辻和良, 橋本卓爾, 大西敏夫, 島浩二, 島津康, 向井元治, 中谷多嘉子, 東祥子, 土橋ひさ, 玉置美保子, 佐々木茂明, 岸上光克, 藤田武弘, 池田信義, 光定伸晃, 戴容秦思, 藤井至, 藤田和史, 杦本敏男, 森敏紀, 植田淳子, 芝めぐみ, 阪井加寿子, 湯崎真梨子( Part: Contributor,  Work: 和歌山県におけるサンショウ産地の展開)

    和歌山大学食農総合研究所  2020.03 

  • 大学的和歌山ガイド―こだわりの歩き方

    神田孝治, 大浦由美, 加藤久美, 永瀬節治, 明山文代, 辻本勝久, 原祐二, 阪井加寿子, 藤田武弘, 上野山裕士, 竹田茉耶, 藤田和史, 鈴木裕範, 塙幸枝, 堀田祐三子, 東悦子, 藤井至, 辻和良, 荒木良一, 谷脇幹雄, 田村義也, 岩野公美, 中串孝志, 水内俊雄, 中山穂孝, 櫻井敬人, 中島敦司( Part: Contributor,  Work: 都市農村交流の「鏡効果」―「棚田ふぁむ」の活動から)

    昭和堂  2018.10 

  • 現代の食料・農業・農村を考える

    藤田武弘, 内藤重之, 細野賢治, 岸上光克, 櫻井清一, 杉村泰彦, 矢野泉, 佐藤和憲, 横山英信, 荒井聡, 山本淳子, 小野雅之, 宮井浩志, 辻和良, 坂井教郎, 安部新一, 大西敏夫, 藤井至, 阪井加寿子, 貫田理紗, 中尾誠二( Part: Contributor,  Work: 都市農村交流と農業・農村振興)

    ミネルヴァ書房  2018.05 

Misc 【 display / non-display

  • 都市農業に果たす農業体験農園の役割と課題

    藤井至 (Part: Lead author, Corresponding author )

    食農総合研究所研究成果   ( 9 ) 3 - 28   2018.12

  • 農業体験農園による利用者の農業理解への効果

    稲葉 修武, 藤井 至, 藤田 武弘

    東北農業研究 ( [東北農業試験研究協議会] )  ( 70 ) 119 - 120   2017.12  [Refereed]

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  • ツーリズム・テロワール概念を活かした食農連関の再構築と地域活性化への貢献に関する研究(財団法人江頭ホスピタリティ事業振興財団研究開発助成事業成果報告書)

    藤田武弘, 岸上光克, 藤井至

        1 - 28   2020.03

Awards & Honors 【 display / non-display

  • 学部学生発表奨励賞 優秀作品賞

    Winner: 藤井至, 佐藤光里, 辻史朗, 横山咲子

    2013.07   観光学術学会  

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Conference Activities & Talks 【 display / non-display

  • 域学連携による農村ワーキングホリデーの取組~若者の力を借りた地域づくり~

    藤井至  [Invited]

    第二回都市農村交流セミナー  2019.03.06   (和歌山県立情報交流センターBig・U)  和歌山県庁

  • 都市農村交流の現代的意義と農業体験農園の役割

    藤井至  [Invited]

    食農総合研究所公開セミナー  2019.01.13   (JAわかやま中央営農センター)  食農総合研究所

  • 地域の課題を語る円卓会議(パネルディスカッション)

    藤井至  [Invited]

    近畿自治体学会フォーラム2018in和歌山  2018.11.17   (和歌山県立情報交流センターBig・U)  近畿自治体学会

  • 都市農業に果たす農業体験農園の役割と課題

    藤井至  [Invited]

    2018年度地域農林経済学会近畿支部大会  2018.07.28   (岸和田市立波切ホール)  地域農林経済学会近畿支部

  • 農業経営における農作業ヘルパー確保の意義に関する一考察

    稲葉修武, 藤井至, 藤田武弘

    日本農業市場学会2018年度大会  2018.07.08   (琉球大学)  日本農業市場学会

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