Husna Zainal Abidin (フスナ ザイナル アビディン)



国際イニシアティブ基幹 国際観光学研究センター




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  • 2016年

    University of Surrey, United Kingdom   School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events Management   PhD in Tourism Management  

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  • PhD in Tourism Management   2021年

  • BSc (Hons) Tourism Management   2016年

経歴 【 表示 / 非表示

  • 2020年01月

    University of Surrey   School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events Management   Teaching Fellow   Teaching Fellow

  • 2019年05月

    University of Surrey   School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events Management   Research Assistant

所属学協会 【 表示 / 非表示

  • 2022年05月

    Japan Society for Tourism Studies

研究分野 【 表示 / 非表示

  • 人文・社会 / 観光学 / Technology in Tourism, Destination Management, Augmented Reality and Visitor Experiences


論文 【 表示 / 非表示

  • Micro-mobilities in curated spaces: agency, autonomy and dwelling in visitor experiences of augmented reality in arts and heritage

    Scarles, C, Treharne, H, Casey, M, Abidin, H (担当区分: 最終著者 )

    Mobilities   15 ( 6 ) 776 - 791   2020年  [査読有り]

  • Inferences and Decision Heuristics in Peer-to-Peer Accommodation Booking

    Chen, Y, Liu, S, Tussyadiah, I, Abidin, H. Z, Zarezadeh, Z

    e-Review of Tourism Research   16 ( 2/3 )   2019年  [査読有り]

  • Digital Collaboration: A Solution for Destinations

    Abidin, H. Z, Scarles, C, Lundberg, C (担当区分: 筆頭著者 )

    E-review of Tourism Research   16 ( 2/3 ) 205 - 214   2019年  [査読有り]

Misc 【 表示 / 非表示

  • High tech, high touch, high hospitality

    Tuomi, Aa, Ascenção, M. P, Zainal Abidin, H (担当区分: 最終著者 )

    ( Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences )    2022年03月  [招待有り]


    Technology does not replace the human experience, but in fact, should only complement the hospitality service. This article discusses how in high-hospitality, technology and people dance together as high-touch is matched with high-tech.

  • Digital Futures: Augmented Reality in Arts and Heritage, University of Surrey (in partnership with Watts Gallery – Artists’ Village & Smartify)

    Scarles, C, Zainal Abidin, H, Bailey, E, Helen, T


講演・口頭発表等 【 表示 / 非表示

  • Exploring Digital Collaboration in Destinations

    Font, X, Zainal-Abidin, H, Ling, E, Kim H.R, Lin, G, Li, M, Hsu, C, Zhang, S  [招待有り]

    Surrey-HKPU Joint Behavioural Science Seminar  2021年10月20日   (Online)  Hong Kong Polytechnic University and University of Surrey


    Presented at a joint workshop between HKPU and Surrey to share insights and knowledge on the use of biosensors in behavioral science research.